MCCB Facts & Figures

Mumpers Community Ceilidh Band is a spin off from the  Mumpers Ceilidh Club, which had been meeting, twice a month in the function room of the Meadows Inn, Derby, since 1979.

It was always a tradition at the club that when the house band, "Fish 'n Taters", was playing, other musicians, known as the "Mushy Peas" could join in and play, sitting in front of the stage. 

When the Meadows Inn closed, Mumpers Dance Club changed its format and no longer needed a house band or the "Mushy Peas". So Mumpers Community Ceilidh Band was formed for them and any other interested musicians.

The first meeting was in February 2016 in the back room of the Old Oak Pub in Horsley Woodhouse. It was well attended and from then on a regular 20 plus musicians turned up each month. 

By the December 2016 we were good enough to play for the Mumpers Christmas Dance. We played for several Ceilidhs after that and a few sessions in local parks, using the wonderful old band stands.

Covid put the dampers on things for a while but after about a year we moved to Little Eaton Village Hall, where we could socially distance and adaquately ventilate the hall. 

This year, 2023, we have moved back to the Old Oak and meet on the third Sunday of each month.

MCCB Main Aims  

We think that traditional music and dance is an important part of our cultural heritage and we're committed to passing it on to future generations. 

We are a community band and welcome musicians who enjoy playing traditional music. We try to provide a varied selection of good lively tunes and we're sure that playing in the band improves the  playing ability of all who take part.

At the moment we can only welcome Adult players who are over the age of 16. However there is no reason why younger players cannot play some of the music we use by downloading it from our "Resources" page. We could also be open to visiting schools and running workshops if there was a demand. 

It seems that our traditional music is still to be discovered by the majority of the population but we believe it is a powerful tool for bringing people together. Barn Dances or Ceilidhs bring people of all ages together. It's not unusual to see grandparents dancing with their grand-children and having a wonderful time.

 If you're looking for a band that will add energy and excitement to your event, look no further than Mumpers Community Ceilidh Band. We'll have you dancing the night away to the sounds of traditional folk music, and you'll be left with memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to book us for your next event!